Simplicity Done Right: Los Angeles

I know that most of my posts are about sweets. but I cannot help but share my new discovery.  Knowing I was going to be in L.A, I began searching yesterday for a new bakery/restaurant to pop into. After reading some brief reviews on Simplethings Sandwich & Pie Shop, I was intrigued by their menu. Their lunch menu has a great selection, almost making it difficult to decide!

Portobello Pot Pie & a Fried Chix Sandwich

 The food was incredible (as you can see), although we all know why I really went… Dessert! They have the most adorable little pies. You can pick from two sizes, “Simple Pies” & “Cutie Pies”.  We decided on a few of the cuties. I adore the idea of the mini pies. I can definitely see this being a new big thing for weddings! Which they do (See here). I hope that you check out this little gem if you are in the L.A area. Until then, enjoy the pictures of these tasty delights. Please refrain from licking the screen.

French Silk & Banana Cream Pie

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