Homemade Poptarts, Challenges, & A Love Story.

I met George 10 years ago. Just a couple of kids in freshman French class. George had this way of staring at me from across the room… all year. The one time I attempted to talk to him, I realized that his longing looks came from a place of shyness, as our conversation went something like this- Me: “Hey, you’re in my french class!”, George: “Uh-huh:”. Those are the only words we shared until our senior year in high school. He worked at a local coffee shop that year, and the first time I walked in, he no longer looked like that sweet shy kid that sat across from me, he was all grown up.. And I was smitten. That year I fell in love with the boy in french class, and it was wonderful. But like most high school love stories, life happens. He left for college, there were broken hearts, and our lives took totally different paths. Challenge #1.


Fast forward 5 years, to a coffee date during my very short lunch hour. Although we had met for coffee a few times in between, this time felt different. There was now a grown man sitting across from me. Both of us had stories of the crazy adventures life had taken us on, which were so far off from one another, but some how our paths still ran back together. Yes, I knew this time was different. This time, I brought him a muffin… a banana almond muffin. This time I was going in for the kill. Fate knew that day. Challenge #2.


It was around our third date that it was decided that this was exactly where we needed to be. He looked at me that night and said, “maybe this is always where we were supposed to end up”, and I completely agreed. Here’s the catch though; George’s job requires him to leave every 70 days, for 70 days. Absence does so much more than make the heart grow fonder. To say that I have learned to appreciate love, faithfulness, quality time, and simply being able to call the one you love when ever you dang well feel like it, would be an understatement. Challenge #3.

Life is full of challenges. With George, challenges seem more like adventures, and the best kind of adventures. He pushes me in ways that stretch my abilities, and makes me want to be the best that I can be. At the moment, George is away for work, and today he challenged me to making poptarts. The boy can put back poptarts like its no ones business. So this is for him, and I officially have 19 days to perfect the poptart. Challenge #4.


I look forward to many more “challenges” to come. Thank you George for always pushing my baking abilities, and making me the happiest girl in the world. These are of course a favorite among many, a brown sugar cinnamon poptart. Recipe to come very soon. Enjoy!

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