Simplicity Done Right: Palm Springs


French press coffee, French cuisine, and French music equals nothing less than a few of my favorite things. While on a little vacation this past week in beautiful Palm Springs, we came across a charming French country cafe, FARM, hidden in a little garden in the middle of downtown.


French press loveliness

The layout of this cafe was very sweet as well. We were able to enjoy the beautiful patio in the center, but the inside seems to be the most enchanting. Although there are only a few tables inside, they are placed in a very intimate setting, with them all being in their own separate, formal dining rooms.

Fresh squeezed blood orange juice

Fresh squeezed blood orange juice

Keep in mind, there is no sign out front, just an open, welcoming gate with the sweet smell of crepes escaping to draw you in. This should go straight onto your itinerary on your next trip to Palm Springs. Everything from the food to the service was outstanding, and I cannot wait to go back and experience more of their menu.

Apple cinnamon butter crepe

Apple cinnamon butter crepe

Smoked Salmon Omelet

Smoked Salmon Omelet

2 thoughts on “Simplicity Done Right: Palm Springs

  1. Such a shame you will in Palm Springs and I didn’t know before hand, as I live here, would have been great to meet up! Furthermore I have not tried this place – great suggestions! Next time I can take you to my favorite spot ; )

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